Sithonia: a destination for all your desires!

The marvellous Sithonia is the middle (second) tip of the Chalkidiki peninsula. It expands between the Toronean and the Singitic Gulf and ends at the Cape of Drepanon. The coast “Akti Salonikiou” is renowned for its waters and is located on the northeast coast of Sithonia.

sea from a mountin of Chalkidiki

Legend says that Sithonia was named after the King of the Thracian tribe of Odomantes, Sithonas, who was the son of the god Poseidon and Ossa. Its history begins from antiquity and incessantly reaches the present day. The visitor of the region may visit sites and monuments from all the involved historical eras.

Thus, the region is characterized by a plethora of beautiful landscapes and combines picturesque mountain villages with highly developed tourist resorts. It offers to travellers and visitors, ancient sites (like the one in Toroni), cosmopolitan resorts in gulfs which succeed the one the other in an amazing sequence (like the Marmaras village), luxurious constructions and medieval villages (like Nikiti).

Tremendously picturesque plazas and squares, byzantine churches and ancient monuments, crystal blue beaches, forests, vineyards and a blend of historical memories, hostels and castles, everything contributes to the creation of an enchanting palette of experiences destined to capture the visitors.
The natural landscape of Sithonia is the other enchanting element that captures the visitor. Cool and rich in plantation pine forests lead the way to wonderful beaches, while a great part of the Sithonia peninsula preserves its natural beauty untouched. The visitor may organize unique trekking excursions from the sea to the wooded mountain, through little water streams, lakes and breathtaking sceneries.

All these beautiful settings are at a small distance from the hotel and cover the whole peninsula of Sithonia, the tour of which is worth making in order to capture some part of its inconceivable beauty.

So, we highly recommend:

A visit to the picturesque village of Aghios Nikolaos and its Tower, a coffee and raki at the village’s central square.

A public square with coffee stores

A walk in the old village of Nikiti and a visit to the byzantine church of Aghios Nikitas which was first built in the 14th century A.D.

Nikiti village

Excursions for swimming on the beautiful beaches of Sithonia! They are so many that there is no need to mention just one. They are all marvellous. The Akti Salonikiou beach is one of the best among all these beaches of incomparable beauty.
A diver into deep blue waters

In the Gulf of Mount Athos lies the small island of Ammouliani, which is equally famous for its beaches and beauties as is the whole Chalkidiki peninsula.

Mount Athos (the Holy Mountain)

Chalkidiki Mounth Athos Grigoriou Monastery

One of the most interesting excursions from Sithonia is a boat trip around the state of Mount Athos, by ships which begin the cruise from “Ormos Panaghias”.
The State of Mount Athos, which is called the Sacred/Holy Mountain, occupies the last part of the third tip of Chalkidiki, the peninsula of Athos, and constitutes a unique and autonomous state of monasteries.
The first monasteries have been constructed and have functioned on Athos, since 850 A.D., twelve centuries ago.

Russian monastery Athos

Except for the sacred and inaccessible to women monastery state, the impressive Mount Athos dominates the peninsula and offers a unique view from the adjacent peninsula of Sithonia. Athos and Sithonia are united through the narrow historical isthmus of Xerxes.

They are also worth visiting

Stageira, a very beautiful village on the south of Chalkidiki, within a distance of 50 km from your hotel, is the birthplace of Aristotle, one of the most important philosophers not only of Greek antiquity but of all times.

Stageira the land of Aristoteles

Within 50 km from your hotel, you may visit the unique Petralona cave which consists the ideal travel destination for any type of holiday, while the Akti Salonikiou hotel maybe your base for many interesting combinations of trips and excursions.

Petralona cave

Sithonia offers, to all its visitors, unforgettable experiences with its plethora of beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountain villages and famous tourist resorts!